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Mission Statement:

The Education Careers program provides secondary students the knowledge and skills needed to obtain employment in early childhood services and promote the goals and philosophy of the program. The licensed Early Childhood Training Program provides on the job training in the two-hour program, First Flight and a full day Child Care center. The developmentally appropriate program designed for 2-5 year old children in a multi-aged grouping environment provides a healthy, happy setting where children learn through play. The daily activities will be planned to meet the individual and group needs of the participating secondary students and the young children.


We believe that all children are entitled to a safe, healthy, happy environment that is developmentally appropriate. We believe that children develop best when school and parents work together with the child's best interest as the primary goal. We believe that a center should be a very warm, loving, happy place with cheerful and positive attitudes. We believe that children need years of play with real objects and events before understanding symbols. We believe that children of all ages need uninterrupted time to become involved, investigate, select, and persist at activities. We believe that children should have many opportunities daily to develop social skills such as helping, cooperating, negotiating, and talking with others. We believe that outdoor experiences should be provided for all children. We believe meal time is an important aspect of the daily curriculum. We believe that good discipline or guidance is a learning experience for children.

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